Our official pre-wedding shoot

So finally our much awaited pre wedding photoshoot day. Our itinerary was 4 hours starting from 4.00PM.

Some tips to do a day before the pre wedding shoot:

  • Get enough of your stress-free beauty sleep
  • Get your skin hydrated. Use a hydrating mask
  • Do not over drink water to avoid bloating
  • Avoid spicy, hot food. Keep the diet simple and not too heavy.

Our makeup artist – Janice Hoi from Miyo Hair Studio advised us to arrive at the studio around 2.00PM for the makeup and we were there on time. She is very punctual too and finished on time by 3.45PM. Janice is very good with hairstyles and she tried 3 different looks on me during the shoot. I was totally impressed. We had 3 main location chosen for our shoot by our photographer Kelvin Tan from Meteor Production – Botanic gardens, Punggol thatch fields, Marina Bay.

Botanic Gardens: This was our first location. The day was a bit cloudy so luckily we didn’t sweat our pants off. We started with the iconic cave waterfall but unfortunately it was under construction. However that didn’t stop us enthusiasts to click a few shots. We clicked a few pictures on the garden bench near the while colonial structure. Kelvin loves taking candid shots and constantly encouraged us to wear our smiles and enjoy the shoot pretending that we are on an exclusive date. Janice was also very helping and she googled up many new couple poses for us to try. Some were cute and the rest we messed up haha. She tried to create an autumn fall effect by tossing some yellow leaves into the air. The whole scene was so funny and I am sure we got some amazing shots.

Punggol thatch fields: I have been following a lot of local photographers and Punggol thatch (lalang) fields have always been in their portfolio. Its lovey and creates an awesome boho ambience. Both Timo and I dressed up in white for this location. However to our greatest dismay the place was inaccessible due to constructions. They are tearing down the entire fields to do the Punggol extension project. But we are real dare devils, we climbed over the fence to access the lovely thatch meadows. We clicked some fun shots and got ourselves scratched by ivy creepers as well.

Marina Bay: I was wearing my lovely pink ball gown and Timo was suited up. We changed quickly in the public toilet of Shopped at Marina bay and Janice made a lovely romantic up do for my hair. I felt like a princess. As we walked towards the bay , we were definitely the center of attraction for every passerby. I felt a little conscious too. It was tiresome to stand on high heels and pose hard to get the perfect shot and we were already quite exhausted by then. We winded up by 9.30 after clicking several pictures by the bay, in front of LV showroom and the iconic helix bridge.

Kelvin was really sweet to volunteer to drop us back home. We were so tired that we headed straight to bed. It was indeed an amazing experience for us. We felt like super stars! I can’t wait to share the photos with you once I have it.