Finding Mr. Justice of Peace

As we plan to have our solemnization done outside the ROM building, we need to arrange our own solemnizer who would volunteer to validate our ceremony. I emailed a couple of them whose reference I found from the ROM website. We personally preferred someone from a non-religious background pertaining to the fact that both Timo and I are from different religion. Timo also browsed through some youtube videos to find a suitable Justice of Peace for us. Finally Mr Steven Chan agreed to validate our big day. We were so enthralled by his response. The thing which really caught our attention was his interest to meet us up for a brief marriage counselling session.

Hence on a Saturday afternoon we decided to meet him over a coffee. He was a very amicable and good-humored gentleman. He spoke to us about the values of married life while narrating real examples from his life journey thereby making the whole conversation very enthralling. Each and every word was so meaningful and so true that it made us wonder, caught up in our busy schedule we forget to pay attention to the tiniest details of life which are in fact the secret for a long lasting married life. We promised to him that we would make sure we invest ample time on each other as that’s the golden rule for a happy married life. He was also a very systematized person and guided us through the entire legal processes and regulations on signing our Marriage Certificate in Singapore. He gave us a briefing how the ceremony should be and the little do’s and don’ts.

Mr Steven has written several books and is an active blogger under – where he emphasizes on relationship building and parenting tips.

A few insights he drew on us was so amazingly true and can be easily implemented which I would like to share with you :

  • Accepting each other, especially the flaws.
  • Being there for the other to cry on and to laugh with.
  • Having regular dates throughout the marriage.

We are so honored to have Mr Steven as our Justice of Peace. I have requested him to share few of his pearls of wisdom with our guests on our D day.


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